The N.E.D. Fund

N.E.D. is a new rock band started by six cancer surgeons to raise money and awareness to fight gynecologic cancers.

Every seven minutes a woman is diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer—over 80,000 this year alone. N.E.D. (which stands for the sweetest words a cancer patient can hear: “No Evidence of Disease”) is a rock band using great original music to help raise awareness and find a cure for gynecologic cancer. Net proceeds from the CD No Evidence of Disease (releasing nationally on Sept 8, 2009), will go to the N.E.D. Fund of the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, a new fund which specifically supports research programs and education. The CD includes an educational pamphlet: “What Every Woman Should Know,” which contains crucial facts about cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment options. Please make a donation to the N.E.D. Fund and join in the fight to save lives.

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